The Challenge:

The struggle for a better quality of life for hundreds of physically challenged children and families in dire need with too much self-dignity to reach out to others.

A growing population of elderly individuals and Holocaust survivors in need of assistance and companionship. Single parents struggling to care for their families in an increasingly difficult world. Chronically ill children who need special care, love and affection.

Russian and Ethiopian immigrants who have no homes no money and no family.


The Response:

The Maccabee Institute is a social welfare organization geared specifically towards those in Israeli society will have great difficulty finding assistance. The Maccabee Institute is a volunteer organization which has for the past 35 years been enormously successful at caring for the physically challenged and socially disadvantaged. With Its creative techniques and skilled leadership it has enhanced the quality of life for those who would have gone neglected. The Maccabee Institute has restored human dignity to those who have been overlooked by the general society. Maccabee Institute has help rescue young people from the most difficult situations. It has helped the indigent, the sick, the orphaned, the disabled, the elderly, many whom have survived the horrors of the shoah, and the bedridden. As a result of its efforts the Maccabee Institute has been herald as a pioneer in the field of social welfare.



Our work that change lives!

Little House Project:

We at Maccabee help build  small homes  for extremely needy families. The small miniature more..

Household Appliances: Maccabee has managed to distribute computers, washing machines, ovens, as well as air conditioningmore..

Laundry Service: This program helps seniors and overworked single parents, as well as struggling large families more..